Νέα συλλογή

Νέα συλλογή Άνοιξη - Καλοκαίρι 2021 Drop II lookbook Eveleya

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«Eleftheria» is the greek word for freedom.Dancing barefoot at dawn, tasting life and living the moment.

The Ss 23 collection is a tributeto the beloved greek summer. Polymorphic forms, lines that extend motion and vibrant handmade prints,
create the ethereal but earthy world of Eveleya.
We believe artistry and creativity, when combined with our specially designed fabrics, prints and colours, translate to an ethereal vision of feminity.
Print can be as definitive as a cut or a drape and allows a woman to filter the beauty found in a design.
Our collection creates a symbiosis between the world of a digital technology and traditional craftsmanship, opening up a huge spectrum for possibility.