Timeless , chic & unique

Our Philosophy :

Timeless , chic & unique

Eveleya introduces her artisanal craftsmanship collection made by lux fabrics, rich colors and unique shapes whilst highlighting the special beauty of every single woman.


<< Every woman is unique, strong, confident and our main goal is to provide pieces of an elevated versatile wardrobe , inspired by Greek Culture and offering a refined aesthetic imbued with high sense of confidence and elegance >>

Geometrical shapes and polymorphic character of the garments stands for Eveleya.


About Us:

Two sisters from Greece, Evangelia & Eleni inspired by classical and modern art, distinguished by their common love for fashion and design, joined their forces in November 2020 to make their dream come true. << We needed a wardrobe to be sophisticated and flattering with striking silhouettes made by row materials , with geometrical shapes designed to adapt fluidly to the everchanging demands of our daily lives and as so , we begun our journey to fulfill the needs of those women with same desires. >>